Homepages or Workspaces

M3 is the core product for which these role-based homepages or workspaces, along with associated widgets are provided:

  • Accounts Payable Controller
  • Accounts Receivable Controller
  • Financial Accounting
  • Financial Controlling
  • General Ledger Controller
  • Printer Programs Utility page
  • Production Manager
  • Purchase Manager
  • Quality Manager
  • Rental Depot Manager - Equipment
  • Service Management - Equipment
  • Systems Manager
  • Warehouse Manager
Each homepage or workspace includes widgets that can assist you in performing tasks and resolving issues that are related your role. Optionally, you can create a private homepage or workspace and include widgets that you select from the Widget Catalog.
Note: Updates to standard pages are not applied to your duplicated pages. To monitor pages for updates, view the last edited date for the page in the Page Catalog.