M3 Information Editor

Use this widget to edit existing data in M3.

You can integrate this widget with Infor Go to use its scan functionality. As a prerequisite, you must have Infor Go installed and configured in your mobile devices. To know the installation and configuration setup, see Infor Go User Guide for Android or Infor Go User Guide for iOS.

When you have configured the widget and the Infor Go application, you can click the camera icon to scan either QR codes or bar codes for these purposes: 
  • To populate a Filter List text box and perform a filter based on the string read by the scanning. For example, if the value of the QR code is 1234567890, the Filter List filters all rows with fields containing the same value.
  • To populate field values when editing a selected record. For the field values to be populated, you must follow this format: { "FieldId1": "FieldValue1", "FieldId2": "FieldValue2" }

Modifying information in this widget

  1. Open the M3 Information Editor widget.
  2. Optionally, specify a value or a description in the Search field.
  3. Click the available record from the list.
  4. The displayed fields are based from the values gathered from the M3 Information Creator. You can modify values in the existing fields, for example Name field.
  5. Click Submit. An Update Transaction Success is displayed.