Printer Programs Utility page

This homepage or workspace is provided as a standard page, not role-specific, and is placeholder for any Infor M3 program that triggers output documents.

Note: The output documents are most often PDF files that are stored in Infor Document Management (IDM). For this to happen, the mapping must be done between Infor M3 and IDM. Even when mapping, it is only partially done for specific printer files in 'XML Structure. Open' (CMS006), the output will get status FIN in 'Output. Manager per Job' (MNS270).

The homepage or workspace includes menu links to easily find print programs. The Infor M3 main menu tree acronyms are used. Each Infor OS Menu widget has sub folders corresponding to the Infor M3 main menu tree. Only programs that can trigger an output document are included.

The menu widgets can be copied and pasted to applicable role-based homepages or workspaces, or alternatively the menu widgets can be published to the widget library and users can add the appropriate menu widget to their role-based homepages or workspaces.