Industry Process Catalog for CloudSuite Distribution Enterprise – Industrial Supplies

Similar to Industry Process Catalog for CloudSuite Distribution Enterprise, this Industry Process Catalog provides additional extensibility and data on top of the core solution to target your industry.

Industrial supplies distributors might face challenges that are subtly different to other sectors, with a large catalog of parts for sale that are either stocked or part of an extended catalog. Multiple supply chains incorporating dropship from suppliers, central distribution centers and regional supply centers, all supported by multiple sales channels such as EDI, central accounts teams, telesales, and customer stockholding, which all have slight process variations that must be supported.

These core processes with supporting functionality are specifically included to support this micro-vertical solution:

  • Protected safety stock
  • Bulk orders and call off orders
  • Joint delivery rules
  • Ad hoc reporting
  • Continuous sales price updates
  • Putaway enhancements
  • Review of all standard homepages
  • New MRP features, including long-term planning horizon
  • PIN code authorization, for price guidance