Industry Process Catalog for CloudSuite Distribution Enterprise – Food & Beverage Distribution

Similar to Industry Process Catalog for CloudSuite Distribution Enterprise, this Industry Process Catalog provides additional extensibility and data on top of the core solution to target your industry.

The Industry Process Catalog for Infor CloudSuite Distribution Enterprise also includes a micro-vertical for Food & Beverage Distribution.

Food & Beverage distributors often face additional constraints compared to other Infor CloudSuite Distribution Enterprise micro-verticals. Shelf-life controlled products, lot management, short customer order cycle-times and rigorous quality management all contribute to complex processes that require additional management and control.

These processes with supporting functionality are included:

  • Customer contact plans
  • Purchase delivery schedules
  • Quality Management System (QMS) integration
  • Picking capacity and task allocation
  • Sales import declarations
  • Supplier rebates supporting off-invoice purchasing-based rebates
  • Inventory toolbox process.
  • Extensibility, including example Mashup SDKs, scripts, ION workflows, XtendM3 extensions, MS Excel macros, and Infor Coleman quests