Industry Process Catalog for CloudSuite Distribution Enterprise – Professional Trade Supplies

Similar to Industry Process Catalog for CloudSuite Distribution Enterprise, this Industry Process Catalog provides additional extensibility and data on top of the core solution to target your industry

The Industry Process Catalog for Infor CloudSuite Distribution Enterprise also includes a micro-vertical for Professional Trade Supplies.

Professional Trade Supplies distributors have challenges that differ from other Infor CloudSuite Distribution Enterprise micro-verticals. Usually with a large catalog of parts for sale that are either stocked or part of an extended catalog, multiple supply chains incorporating drop-ship from suppliers, central and regional distribution centers, and often a branch network, all supported by multiple sales channels like EDI, central accounts teams, telephone sales, and over-the-counter, which all have slight process variations that must be supported.

These processes with supporting functionality are included:

  • Over-the-counter sales, wth credit card and prepayment
  • Supplier rebates
  • Sales costing model with atrributes to drive pricing
  • Equipment Profitability Portal (EPP)
  • Simple service process utilizing Infor Mobility for Field Service
  • Customer returns with pick-up and corrective invoicing
  • Inventory levelling.
  • Request for quotations within procurement
  • Customer order line charges utilizing delivery distances
  • Dynamic update of planning values
  • QMS in production - Assembly
  • Extensibility, including example Mashup SDKs, scripts, ION workflows, XtendM3 extensions, MS Excel macros, and Infor Coleman quests