Rhythm for Commerce

Infor Rhythm for Commerce is an engagement platform that provides the tools you need to create a customer-facing commerce website.

Your website is tightly integrated with the applications in Rhythm for Commerce and your ERP. Using APIs and web services, information that is displayed on your website is read directly from your databases. When your customer places an order, the order is sent from your website to your ERP for fulfillment in real time.

Infor Rhythm for Commerce contains these applications:

  • Infor Rhythm for Commerce Business Center. Use this application to arrange products into catalogs, create campaigns and promotions, and manage the customers who access your website. You also use Business Center to manage search settings, such as boosting rules, to use with Elasticsearch.
  • Product Information Management. Use this application to enrich information about the products that you sell on your website. You can use Product Information Management to upload digital assets such as manuals, sell sheets, and specifications and automatically enrich product content on your sites. You also use this application to specify the product attributes that your customers can use to locate products.
  • Infor Rhythm Portal. Rhythm Portal is a website portal and a content management system. Use this application to create website pages, configure the Rhythm for Commerce and Rhythm Portal widgets that are used on the pages, and manage your website's static content.
  • Elasticsearch. This is the search engine of your website. When your customers search your website, Elasticsearch returns results that are based on settings that you specify in Business Center.

Optionally, you can use these applications:

  • CPQ Enterprise Configurator. Use to set up configurable products to sell on your website.
  • CenPOS: Use to process credit card transactions.

In addition, these components of Infor OS are used in the suite:

  • Infor OS Portal is used to manage single sign on for the products in the suite.
  • Infor ION is used to connect your ERP system to Rhythm for Commerce.
  • Infor Document Management is used to store key business documents, such as order acknowledgments, invoices, and delivery notes. When your customers visit your website, they can download the documents that are associated with their orders.