M3 Customer LifeCycle Management

Infor M3 Customer Lifecycle Management is a comprehensive customer relationship management solution designed to work in conjunction with the Infor M3 ERP solution.

Using M3 CLM, your sales department can organize and synchronize work and become more efficient. M3 CLM can help you to manage the whole process from receiving a lead to creating an order. Implementing M3 CLM ensures that you have a single, comprehensive view of all your customer contacts. M3 CLM will help build a strong corporate memory for each customer relationship.

Because the cost of sales is high, automating sales department processes can result in cost savings and revenue increases. Use M3 CLM to help automate your sales process from the moment you receive a lead and to support you throughout the opportunity management phase through the quotation process to order entry.

Salespersons can organize their scheduled day-to-day activities in a to-do list. They can view the to-do list according to various time scales such as today, this week, or this month. It is easy for sales people to see these scheduled activities in their calendar because M3 CLM can be interfaced with email and calendar systems.

Using the M3 CLM mobile application, your sales teams can continue to manage their customer activities whilst on the road and event when working off-line.