M3 Demand Planner

Infor M3 Demand Planner supports a collaborative workflow for reviewing sales forecasts and capturing market intelligence.

The built-in forecast engine supports several automatic forecast methods. Competitive forecasting helps customers find the best fit among methods.

Exception-based and configurable scoreboards allow you to highlight and focus on unusual events and problems. Outliers such as exceptional demands, inaccurate forecasts compared to actuals, and new demand trends, and more can be detected and acted upon promptly.

Dynamic grouping and data aggregation enable customers to analyze and manipulate demand and forecast on various dimensions and levels. Tracking of promotional activity allows planners to see details of all promotions, to monitor progress and adjust forecasted demand if required.

Favorites and exception management provide filters and settings to guide users to their preferred information view. M3 Demand Planner supports the generation of more accurate, one-number consensus forecasts to improve delivery performance, help reduce finished goods inventory, and avoid product obsolescence.