Localization Services Platform

Infor Localization Services Platform (LSP) helps customers meet the local regulatory, statutory, and cultural requirements of a country. It is connected to ERPs through standard Infor BODs and uses business knowledge to create submissions. Depending on the type of function, the data can be automatically transformed to proprietary format or prepared for reporting within the service, allowing the user to check and confirm what is sent to the external agency prior to submission. The submission is then tracked and logged for audit purposes, with all responses required by the ERP returned as required.

The functions in LSP can be categorized into these types of files:

  • e-Auditing provides a set of electronic submissions that allow auditing information to be collated, checked, and sent to the requesting government or accounting organization
  • e-Invoicing provides a set of electronic submissions that are used to create electronic sales invoices that can be sent directly to customers.
  • Tax reports
  • Electronic transportation documents
  • Statutory reports