M3 Supplier Rebate

Infor M3 Supplier Rebate provides the purchasing team with an efficient and accurate way to monitor and claim rebates that result from off-invoice discounts.

Inputs to the process are master data and transactional data in the form of purchase orders and goods receipt transactions. This functionality is available:

  • Specification of agreements based on the rebate contracts that are required between a distributor and its suppliers
  • Automatic calculation of rebate entitlements based on the purchase transactions received
  • Creation of supplier rebate claim invoice data as output
  • Automated email notifications that include the status of an agreement and support the timely claiming of rebates
  • Rebate analysis that leverages the reporting capabilities available for accruals and claims

Infor M3 Supplier Rebate is integrated with Infor M3, utilizing the ERP's purchase transactions and master data through BODs that are processed in Infor ION. Suppliers can manage multiple active agreements in parallel and apply multiple incentive options to each of their agreements. This allows the user to monitor how much of the incentive has been claimed in advance and how much of it remains to be claimed at the end of the period.