M3 Maintenance Management

The Infor M3 Maintenance Management module enables planned maintenance to be controlled in an integrated way with the production planning and execution activities. Equipment and plant maintenance can then ensure that maintenance will occur at the right time, maintaining an optimum level of production efficiency required. Maintenance Management includes:

  • Diagnostics Management
  • Maintenance Performance and Costing
  • Work Order Processing
  • Equipment and Component Control
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Capability Management
  • Maintenance Scheduling Board
  • Warranty Management
  • Core Management

Warranty Management

Warranty management is a solution that allows you to set up the basic data that is used within the warranty and claim flows. Each warranty record can contain details on for how long the warranty is valid (calendar and meters), details of goodwill periods, and if charges apply. Then, to each warranty you can connect the details of types of transactions that are covered by the warranty and you can include labor, materials, subcontract charges, and expenses.

The solution supports both standard and extended warranty types together with specialized warranty types that can be automatically built by the system after completing a service job (so that the warranty only covers the work that has been carried out).

It also provides a range of options to manage your customers warranty claims against you, and those of your suppliers. The system covers: receiving the initial claim, updating the claim, claim agreement and final closure.