CPQ (Configure Price Quote) enables the handling of configured products or services and supports most types of user or application.

CPQ includes these features:

  • A product, sales, pricing, and process configurator that integrates with your web, mobile, enterprise, desktop, and laptop systems. You can capture and share all the knowledge about your customizable products on any device.
  • Product modeling, which makes selection and configuration of complex products intuitive and error-free. The rules, constraints, and associated data in product models are processed based on inputs from the user interface or other applications.
  • Deployment of the configurator for a specific function or across all available applications and computing platforms.
  • Selection, configuration, and pricing of products by your sales people and customers, while ensuring that only valid combinations of features, options, and dimensions are created, quoted, and ordered.
  • Visual selection and configuration provides dynamic, real-time, 3D experience for any user to visualize their selection.
  • CPQ Enterprise Quoting provides a comprehensive quoting and ordering system.
  • Data-driven decision support, enabled by Infor CPQ Analytics. Infor CPQ Analytics is powered by Infor Birst, an integrated networked business intelligence platform for data-driven analysis.