M3 Sales Management

Infor M3 Sales Management serves as the hub for customer and pricing information. It helps to maximize sales with satisfied customers and sales organization through highly sophisticated sales order management support.

It brings a common view to your commercial and logistical activities by connecting your planning, pricing, discounts, promotions, supplier rebates, retrospective trade agreements, statistics, and follow up to your fulfillment processes.

Customer Order Processing is highly scalable to manage EDI orders as well as intense order volumes in tele-sales environments. Standing order templates, buying patterns, assortment control, and advanced global capable-to-promise ensures rapid and faultless order entry. FEFO and attribute based allocation rules, strict rotation, and the definition of customer unique shelf-life requirements ensures the shipment of exactly what the customer is expecting. The Proof-of-Delivery process enables you to capture confirmation that the customer has received the goods before releasing for invoicing. Invoicing can be immediate per order, or batched together using a schedule for periodic invoicing runs, typically daily, weekly, or monthly.

The advanced pricing module supports multiple parallel discounts with or without bracketing levels on item, group, order, or invoice totals. Promotions can be defined and followed up. Retrospective Trade Agreements allow for post-invoice rebates, bonuses, allowances, slotting fees, trade promotions, and commissions to customers, salespersons, and agents. Sales Order Line-based Supplier Rebates allows cost-manipulation, so accurate margins are determined at order line entry with retrospective adjustments and full claims processing.

Sales Management includes:

  • Customer Order Processing
  • Pricing & Conditions
  • Sales Quotations
  • Bonus & Commissions
  • Sales Order line-based Supplier Rebates
  • Trade Agreements
  • Sales Statistics & Performance
  • Bulk Orders
  • Cash Desk Sales
  • Point of Sales Integration
  • Customer Delivery Schedules
  • Customer Service Desk (core mashup)
  • Core Entitlement