Using M3 Customer Service Desk with M3 CloudSuites

M3 Customer Service Desk offers these capabilities with M3 CloudSuites:

M3 Customer Service Desk provides the back office with basic information required for customer service by collecting information from M3 programs related to customers, equipment and open orders. M3 Customer Service Desk provides information for display in a single, comprehensible dashboard.

M3 Customer Service Desk is mainly intended for visualizing information, but you can also use it to create service requests or sales orders for parts. Key information available in M3 Customer Service Desk:

  • Customer: address, payment methods, financial status, open orders, equipment fleet.
  • Equipment: open work orders, open parts orders, service letters, service history, as-built structure
  • Parts: availability per warehouse, relations to other parts (i.e. replacements), aliases, kit structure, sourcing.
  • Cash Desk: invoice details, customer information, agreement information.

The M3 Customer Service Desk (mashup) is primarily designed for equipment-centric customers such as those working in the rental industry, equipment dealers, and those providing after-sales service.