Using M3 Demand Planner with M3 CloudSuites

M3 Demand Planner offers this business functionality within M3 CloudSuites:

Automatic forecasting

  • Mathematical forecasting with common user selectable algorithms, at monthly or weekly level, incorporating seasonality and trending.
  • Forecasting can be at aggregated level with automatic disaggregation, supporting competitive forecasting between algorithms with automatic selection with Forecast error-evaluation.

Collaborative Demand Planning

  • Used in conjunction with automatic forecasting. This enables users to collaborate and adjust forecasts manually, set and save sales budgets, and to compare plans versus actual sales.

Promotion Monitoring

  • Create, edit, and view promotions. Display the list of promotions in a list or calendar view; by day, week or month.
  • Overlay promotion targets and actual with the sales history or projected forecast and use the grid and chart options to visualize.