Personalization options

The purpose of the personalization possibilities is to enable a tailored experience that matches each user’s needs.

You can easily create own personal version of a panel.

Visual changes

Visual changes to the panels are divided into the following categories:
  • Conditional styles
  • Labels texts
  • Show or hide fields

Behavior changes

Behavior changes are divided into these categories:
  • Hyperlinks in lists
  • Links in toolbox area
  • Panel order
  • Tab order
  • Scripts
  • Saved searches
  • Document links

Mingle Homepage personalization

Mingle Homepages can be used to create a personalized experience where the user can find links to specific tasks and functions and where relevant task-oriented information is displayed. For further information about Homepages, refer to the Infor OS User Guide.

Homepage widgets

M3 supports several homepage widgets and these can be used to organize and customize the way that users work with the system. These widgets are delivered together with Infor OS and are activated when M3 is used as an application inside Infor OS. The main M3 specific homepage widgets are:
  • M3 Information Viewer
  • M3 Information Monitor
  • M3 Environment
  • M3 Product Updates
  • What’s New information

Additionally, a range of task-specific process widgets is available.