M3 Information Viewer

Use this widget to display an overview of the frequent information that you use in M3.

Additionally, you can perform these actions:
  • Click a chart item to display graph drilldown.
  • Right-click a specific record and select Open so you can drillback to the M3 program where the data is connected.
  • Right-click a specific record and select Copy to Clipboard to copy the drillback URL from the record or graph.

You can integrate this widget with Infor Go to use its scan functionality. As a prerequisite, you must have Infor Go installed and configured in your mobile devices. To know the installation and configuration setup, see Infor Go User Guide for Android or Infor Go User Guide for iOS.

When you have configured the widget and the Infor Go application, select Scan QR to scan either a QR code or bar code and get values of the field that you can change through the Change Input Dialog. Strictly follow these formats for the code to be interpreted in the widget:
  • If requiring a single field

    { "FieldId1": "Value" }
  • If requiring one or more fields

    { "FieldId1": "FieldValue1", "FieldId2": "FieldValue2" }