Use this script to enable the upload of journal vouchers, in Microsoft Excel™ spreadsheet format, for the finance panel (GLS100/B). This enables you to upload an .xlsx file, supported format is Excel file from 2007 and later, which then gets processed or parsed by the H5 script using an external library called SheetJS. The process starts automatically after pressing the Import button that gets added to the B panel of 'Standard Voucher. Open' (GLS015), and selecting a valid file for upload.
Note: The format of the journal voucher template should be maintained to work with the script and to enable the lines to be automatically uploaded.

The JournalImport_H5_V3 script is similar to JournalImport_H5_V2, although the later version supports both classic and new H5.

Additional reference

  • See limitations in KB 2272127.