Purchase Agreements

Use this widget to view the list of active purchase agreement lines with related price breaks for a selected item.


  • Before using the widget, you must activate these tables in the M3 Function Search administration:
    • MPAGRP
    • CIDMAS
    • MITMAS
    • MPAGRH
    • MPAGRL

    See information about updating table indexes in the M3 Core User and Administration Library (Cloud).

  • Ensure that the Item Details widget is added along with the Purchase Agreements widget from the widget catalog on your homepage or workspace. The Purchase Agreements widget retrieves data based on your selected item from the Item Details widget.
    Note: Workspace is only available in Infor OS Portal.

APIs used in the widget

The Purchase Agreements widget requires application program interfaces (APIs) that retrieve and display appropriate data.

This table shows details about M3 APIs available in this widget:

Program Transaction
CRS070MI GetDelyMethod
PPS100MI GetAgrLine
MMS200MI Get
MMS200MI LstItmByItm

See information about testing and running an API and its corresponding transaction in the M3 Core User and Administration Library (Cloud).

Infor Business Context (IBC) messages

The Purchase Agreements widget receives these published Infor Business Context (IBC) messages from either the Item Details widget or from Infor M3:

  • InforItemMaster
  • InforSupplierPartyMaster