Experience Designer Applications

The M3 Experience Designer is a tool which gives the possibility to configure role-based M3 applications. You can choose whether to start from a blank piece of paper or to start from the template applications that are delivered together with the tool. The Experience Designer is a no-code solution.

The new applications are embedded in the existing M3 H5 user interface and you are able to use your own applications for some processes, and standard H5 programs for others. The new applications have a responsive design, and they are stateless as they use API-communication with M3 and other applications. The applications are reached through the M3 menu, through Infor OS widgets, as shortcuts, and more. The tool has support for language handling, so your applications can be run in all the languages that you use in M3.

This table shows the Experience Designer Applications that are applicable for this CloudSuite:

Applications Related documentation
Archive Workbench - Overview
Credit Control - Overview Credit Control
Manufacturing Order Workbench - Overview Manufacturing Order Workbench

See information about the different applications in the M3 Business Engine User Documentation Library (Cloud).