Use this script to filter records based on hierarchical filters. You may define a maximum of 5 hierarchical levels as arguments. Each argument will create corresponding combo boxes for each level. This uses MMS021MI’s LstItmHierarchy to retrieve records.

This script is created for 'Item. Open' (MMS001).
Note: This script is only applicable to the new H5 UI.

Argument example string: 5|Level1|Level2|Level3|Level4|Level5

Argument Example Optional Notes
Number of hierarchy 5 No

You can specify any or up to five levels.

In the example, 5 corresponds to 5 levels. If only 3 levels are required, specify 3 and argument is changed to: 3|Level1|Level2|Level3

Hierarchy text Level1|Level2|Level3|Level4|Level5 No Maximum of 5 levels, separated by vertical bar. You can provide the text which depends on your need and the number of hierarchy selected.

The data is filtered which depends on the value that you selected on the Hierarchy Combo boxes.

Five levels of filters may be applied. To filter the records, for example, select XX- Hierarchy1 for the field Level1. Each of the succeeding combo boxes is filtered to a more specific data depending on the one you selected for Level1. For this example, select XXYY– Hierarchy 2 for field Level2, and click on search to filter the items matching the selected Hierarchy IDs.

APIs used for this H5 script

Program Transaction
MMS021MI LstItmHierarchy
GENERAL GetFieldHeading