Add security roles in IFS

This procedure applies to on-premise versions of IFS 11.

  1. Start the Infor Federation Services application and log on with a user that is an IFSApplicationAdmin.
  2. Select Manage > Master Data.
  3. Double-Click on Security Role.
  4. Click on the New button and add the name of the Security Role (called Node name in the UI) and a description.
  5. You may assign users now to the new role by clicking the Add User button.
  6. Click Save when finished.
  7. Select Configure > Applications in the menu.
  8. Select the application that should be emitting this role (that is, your SAML Session Provider).
  9. Add the role you created in step 4 to the application, and click Save.
  10. To add additional users to the role after it is created, either:
    • Select Manage > Master Data and add users to a role.

    • Select Manage > Users, select a user, and add the role to that user.