Setting a program option

Use this procedure to set a default action that will result after opening a record. The setting is applicable only to the specified program.
  1. Open a program.
  2. Select Tools > User Settings. The User Settings window is displayed.
  3. In the Program-specific Options section, specify this information:
    Program ID
    Specify the program name, for example, MMS001.
    Select the default action that results after opening a record.

    For example, you add a program option with these values:

    Program ID: MMS001

    Option: 3 - Copy

    Every time you open a record from MMS001, the copy option is run by default. The succeeding panels that will follow this default option are determined by what you set.

    See instructions in Setting the default panel sequence.

    The selected program option overrides the Standard Options.

    See standard options in Changing general user settings

  4. Click Add. You can view the new setting in t Available Program Options.
  5. Click Save.
  6. If you set the program option for the current program you are working with, click Refresh for the setting to take effect.