Search Results

When you perform an MDP Client task, the Search Results tab opens.

Here is a table list of the Result tab components with description.

Component Description
Tab Header

Indicates this information:

  • Search query - enclosed in single quotes ('), in this example, the text 'CONO'.
  • Search method - in this example, Search by System Configuration.
  • Selected BE Installation/System - enclosed in single quotes (') shows where the indexed search was executed.

Results Count

Indicates your selected entity and the total number of results matching your query.

Type of System Element: Total match

Click Type of System Element to display the results by type or by available relation information.

Note: You can drill down the table rows to view more matching results by Program.

Use the session navigation icon in the left pane for your history views.

Lock tab icon

By default a tab is unlocked. When you perform a new search, the current tab is replaced with the result of your new search.

Lock the current tab to display subsequent search results in new tabs.

List All tabs

Click More to display a list of active tabs and select which tab to display.

Export to Excel icon

Click to export applicable tables or program search results to Excel.

Sort icon

Use the Sort icon to arrange the results, alphabetically or numerically for each column, depending on the column property.

Filter options

Lists the available filter options for your search result table.

Type a free text filter in each column and select a filter condition from this list.

To execute your filter definitions, select Run Filter in the Filter menu located in the right most side of the pane.

Filter Menu
  • Run Filter - select to execute your filter definitions.
  • Clear Filter - select to clear your filter definitions.
Table Paging

From the Settings menu, set the Page size in terms of number of rows to display in a page.

The status at the bottom of the screen shows the number of rows and the number of pages displayed in a given total.

Click the Forward and Back arrows to navigate through the pages. The minimum setting is 100 rows per page.