System Configuration Advanced Search

Click the link to More Options and refer to the field definitions here for M3 Business Engine (BE) system and version advanced filtering.

Fields Description
Select Component Select a component corresponding to your selected MDP BE system.
Select Category List of categories corresponding only to Program, Table, or Program and Table M3 BE entities. This is not available to other entities in the list.
  • For Programs, use Program category list
  • For Tables, use Table category list
Program Filter Select the option appropriate to your required program filter.
  • With Bookmark - filters bookmark-enabled programs only.
  • With Bookmark Parameter - filters bookmark parameter enabled programs only.
  • With Bookmark and Bookmark Parameter - filters both bookmark enabled and bookmark parameter-enabled programs.
  • Function Programs - filters function programs only.
Search Limit Set the result limit from a range of 100 to 10000 with an interval value of 100 for the first 1000. By default the search result displays the first 500 data match.

For volume data, processing can take time, we recommend that you consider setting the search limit.

Program category list

Name Definition
Asj Autostart job
Cnv Conversion programs
Crt Electronic Chart of Account Report
Dsp Inquiry programs
Fix Fix programs
Fnc Functions
Lst Lists
Mnt Maintenance programs
Pl Parameter list
Ptf PTF programs
Sr Copy subroutines
Tb Table
Tst Test programs
Wrk Work with programs

Table category list

Name Definition
DS Data structures
HF History file
JD Join Dynamics
MF Master data file
SF System file
TF Transaction file
WF Work file