Enabling a bookmark

Use this procedure to bookmark a user's record in M3. To access the bookmark, right-click a specific record where you configured the bookmark, then select Open.

Note: This option is only enabled if the selected output fields meet these requirements:
  • Key string (KSTR) fields
  • Combination of table fields and program fields:
    • Program field should either be YPGM or PGNM.
    • Table name should either be YFIL or FILE.
  1. When selecting parameters for the Output field, enable your bookmark settings.
  2. Specify this information:
    Specify an M3 bookmark option, for example 2.
    Start panel
    Specify an M3 bookmark start panel, for example J.
    Focus Field
    Specify an M3 bookmark focus field, for example WRBLCD.
  3. Click OK.