Searching for M3 BE entities

Use this procedure to search for M3 BE entities by system configuration.

  1. Access the Search tab and select Search By System Configuration.
  2. Specify the keyword to search.
  3. Select an MDP BE system to use.
  4. Select an M3 BE entity to use.
  5. Click the link to More Options and set the advanced search filter options.
  6. Select a Component.
  7. Select a Category.
    This option is available only to Program or Table entity.
  8. Set a Search Limit.
  9. Select a Program Filter.
    • With Bookmark: filters bookmark-enabled programs only.
    • With Bookmark Parameter: filters bookmark parameter-enabled programs only.
    • With Bookmark and Bookmark Parameter: filters both bookmark enabled and bookmark parameter-enabled programs.

    • Function Programs: filters function programs only.
  10. Click Search.

    The Search Results tab displays a list of matching entries based on your search criterion and other relational information corresponding to your selection. On the bar at the top, it shows Selected entity: Number of matches.

  11. Use these options to manage your results:
    • To sort the results alphabetically or numerically, click the Sort icon on the column headings.
    • To filter the results, click the Filter icon in the last column and type a dynamic free text filter for each column.

  12. To view relation information, click a system element name.