Viewing programs of importance rank

Use this procedure to view the importance rank of programs used by two tables in a specific pattern. Before you start, you must complete a table search task.

  1. On the Search Results tab, select a Table name.
    A new search result opens with the header Table Relation Type: Total match.
  2. On the bar at the top, select Foreign keys to display a list of selection with Foreign keys used.
  3. On Importance rank column, click the number corresponding to your selected table to view the programs with importance rank relation.
    A new search result opens with this information:
    Program Name
    Displays the program name that is used by both tables.
    The description of the program.
  4. Use these options to sort and filter your results.
    • To sort the results alphabetically or numerically, click the Sort icon located in one or more column headings.

    • To filter the results, specify a dynamic free text filter for each column and select a Filter action.