Viewing indexes of a table

Before you start, you must complete a table search task.

  1. On the Search Results tab, click a Table name.
    A new search result opens with the header Table Relation Type: Total match.
  2. On the bar at the top, click Table Index to show all the indexes of your selected table.
    A new search result opens with this information:
    Index Name
    Name of the index used by your selected table.
    A "Yes" in this column indicates a unique index. There can only be one unique key for each table.
    Key Info
    Option to view index keys.
    Condition Info
    The condition information of an index.
    Join Table
    The join table of an index.
    Join Condition
    The join condition of an index.
  3. Use these options to sort and filter your results.
    • To sort the results alphabetically or numerically, click the Sort icon located in one or more column headings.

    • To filter the results, specify a dynamic free text filter for each column and select a Filter action.

  4. To view index key relations, click View Index Keys.