Execute mode

You can do Fnc-REST calls using execute and interact modes. Execute is appropriate for machine integrations and corresponds to <resource path="service/execute"> in the application.WADL.

Execute mode is basically a one shot call with one request and one response. You can separately ask for metadata (metadataMode="MetadataExcluded") using this function.

To display any MDP program information, errors and notifications using execute mode, follow these steps:

  1. From the MDP opening page, click M3 Function > Fnc Development Client.
  2. From the Fnc Development Client sidebar, specify these fields:
    Shows the available function programs.
    Param List
    Shows the available parameters.
    Maintain Mode
    Shows the available maintain mode options.
  3. Click Execute to show the service/execute tab with the results showing any notifications and errors.