About this guide

This guide describes how to perform user tasks in M3 CE Core. This document also describes related concepts and features such as using M3 H5 Enterprise and Metadata Publisher to access programs from the M3 business system.

Intended audience

This guide is for users and Infor consultants who are responsible for user tasks in M3 CE Core.

Prerequisite knowledge

To fully understand the information presented in this guide, you should must have knowledge and experience in navigating and using M3 Core Infrastructure and Technology.


This table shows the sections of this guide:

Chapter Description
Using M3 H5 Explains how to use HTML 5-based user interface for accessing work-related information and applications within the M3 business system.
Using M3 Metadata Publisher Discusses how to use M3 Metadata Publisher (MDP) to explore M3-related metadata.
Configuring workspaces and M3 widgets Discusses the workspaces and the available widgets across M3 industries.
Hot keys Explains how to use keyboard shortcuts.