Setting the default panel sequence

Use this procedure to define the panel sequence that is displayed in a program by default. The available panels may vary depending on the selected program.
  1. Open a program. The program must be in the opening panel.
  2. Select Actions > Settings.
  3. Specify this information. These fields are available for editing depending on the current program.
    Opening panel
    Select the panel that is displayed first when the program is started.
    Panel sequence
    1. Click the arrow to see the list of applicable panels.
    2. Select a panel and click Add. Select and add panels in the preferred sequence.

      Optionally, you can clear the available sequence and add the panels that will show by default.

      You can add one panel at a time. Select in the order in which the panels will display.

    3. Click Close from the panels list.
  4. Click Next.
  5. Verify that the panels follow the preferred sequence.