Using the M3 Application Messages widget

The context menu provides options that you can use for each item displayed in the application messages widget. To access the context menu, right-click an item and select your preferred option:

  • Select Open to go to Infor M3.
  • Select Copy link to clipboard to open an M3 record.
  • Select Mark as complete to change the status of the task to complete. When you select this option, a prompt is displayed to confirm the completion. After confirming, the completed task is removed from the widget. In M3, the status field of the record in (CRS420) is automatically set to 50-'Completed'.
  • Every task in the widget is assigned a color depending on the status:
    • Blue: signifies that the task is not started yet.
    • Yellow: signifies that the task is needed for the current date.
    • Red: signifies that the task is overdue.