General hot keys in M3 programs

The hot keys listed in this section are applicable regardless of the current panel you are working with.

Keystroke Action

Closes these objects:

  • context menus

  • opened windows

  • notifications/messages

Enter Simulates the action of the Next button


Moves the cursor between input fields and buttons
Ctrl + R, Ctrl + S Runs the Search and Start field
Alt + S Opens the application menu and positions the Start textbox

Ctrl + Shift + Page Down

Ctrl + Shift + Fn + Down (in Mac OS)

Switches to the next application in the taskbar

Ctrl + Shift + Page Up

Ctrl + Shift + Fn + Up (in Mac OS)

Switches to the previous application in the taskbar

Ctrl + C

command + C (in Mac OS)

Copies text

Ctrl + V

command + V (in Mac OS)

Pastes text

Ctrl + X

command + X (in Mac OS)

Cuts (deletes) text
Ctrl + [number] Selects an option from the Options menu or from the Related menu

Alt + A

Ctrl + Option + A (in Mac OS)

Opens the Actions menu

Alt + R

Ctrl + Option + R (in Mac OS)

Opens the Related menu

Alt + O

Ctrl + Option + O (in Mac OS)

Opens the Options menu

Alt + T

Ctrl + Option + T (in Mac OS)

Opens the Tools menu

Ctrl + Q

command + Q (in Mac OS)

Opens the context menu

(Ctrl+ ~)

Switches to the last active M3 program
Ctrl + Shift + E Switches to Workspaces
F1* Displays the Help tool
F3* Closes the application
F4* Displays the browse dialog box
F5* Refreshes the form
F6* Enables text entry
F7* Displays previous record
F8* Displays next record
F9* Opens Field Audit Trail
F10* Displays next view for sorting order
F12* Returns to the previous panel field
F13* Displays the settings panel
t Add today’s date to the keyboard focused date picker
Up/Down Arrow Opens combo boxes which allows selection from the list.
Swipe Left Simulates Next button
Swipe Right Simulates Previous button

(*) The keys on the top row of a Mac keyboard are configured to behave as standard function keys. Select System Preferences > Keyboard. On the Keyboard tab, select "Use all F1, F2, etc. keys as standard function keys."

Additional configuration must be done for F10 and F12. Select Keyboard Shortcuts tab and clear Application windows and Show Dashboard check boxes.