Viewing by system configuration

  1. On the Search tab, click Search By System Configuration.
  2. Select an MDP BE System to use.
  3. Click the information icon beside the Select MDP BE System field.
    The MDP BE System information window is displayed.
  4. Verify the information applicable to your selected MDP BE system:
    MDP BE System

    Lists all available M3 BE Installation and MDP System in MDP Client.

    Standard base M3 BE is a system that comes with the installation of the M3 Metadata Publisher and all other BE system metadata generated using LifeCycle Manager.

    Note: You can select another MDP BE system to view.

    Method used to generate the BE system metadata, by system configuration or by component.

    MDP ID
    ID assigned to the MDP client version.
    BE version
    System metadata BE version.
    LCM environment where MDP is installed.
    Server where the component is installed.
    Configuration used in the MDP BE system.

    For example: MVX

    List of system configuration components.

    For example: MVX, MAR, MDK

    Last update
    The date and time when the BE system was last updated in LifeCycle Manager.
    Status of the BE system metadata files, if synchronized or not synchronized.

    You should always check if the metadata files are updated and synchronized to ensure that new files or fixes are applied in the BE environment.

  5. Click OK to close the window.