Search task field definitions

Use the Search feature in MDP Client to select the search type to use and to define the corresponding fields.

Note: Your selected M3 BE System, BE Installation, and Language code is saved on the last signin. Fields are described in this table:

There are MDP functions that are configured so that you can search and view M3-related metadata.

Field/Option Description

Keywords or Program Name

Use this field to type your search query. You can use alphanumeric characters (A-Z,a-z), blank space, hyphen, colon, or underscore.

You can use the wildcard character * (asterisk) in place of an unknown string. For example, if you search for "b*d", the results will show hits for "ABCD", "bed" and "abd-001".

Select MDP BE System

Use this open drop-down field to select the MDP BE System where to perform Search.

A default M3 BE selection is displayed.

MDP BE System information

Represented by an information (i) icon beside the Select MDP BE System field, use this to display more details about your selected MDP BE System.

Containing method/keyword

Similar to Keywords field, use this for a more specific method contained when you select Search by Component.

Select Entity

Select one or more entities to use on your search.The list of available entities vary depending on your selected Search option to use.

More Options

Click this link to show advanced search options. The selections here change depending on your selected Search option to use.


After you define the required task information, click on this icon to invoke search.