Opening M3 programs using the search and start function

  1. In M3 H5, press Ctrl + R.
  2. Specify the name or ID of the M3 program in the Search and Start dialog.
    For example, a specific name could be 'Item. Open' and the ID of this program is MMS001.
  3. Press Enter or click OK.

    You can also specify a keyword in the Search and Start dialog. After you press Enter, a list of possible matches is displayed. Select the item from the list that matches your criteria. Available items from the Administration Tools, Mashup Library, Favorites, and Recent menu are included in the suggested matches.

    The M3 program is displayed in a new tab where you can view or update records. The status bar shows the company or division information by default.

    The taskbar shows currently opened M3 programs in tabs. You can click a tab to switch between opened programs.