Opening M3 H5

  1. Sign in to Infor OS Portal.
  2. From the App Menu, select Infor M3.
    Note: To avoid an error, there must only be one instance of M3 H5 running on a browser.
    M3 H5 opens with the application menu and the landing page:
    Region Description
    H5 application menu The default or normal view of the application menu contains these selections:
    • Start: Provides an option to users where they can search for a specific program name or ID.
    • Favorites: Contains favorite M3 programs, administration tools, mashup applications, and recent items.
    • Recent: Gathers the selection that you last accessed, for example M3 program, administration tool etc.
    • Administration Tools: Provides access to tools and is available to administrators who maintain the H5.
    • Mashup Library: Contains available mashup applications
    • M3 Transactions menu: Provides access to M3 programs by category.

    You have the option to hide or show the selections by clicking the application menu.

    Landing page

    Shows the Favorites and Recent list which provide quick access to the user's frequently used programs and other applications.

    This page also contains the company information, division in-formation, user ID, environment URL, and the current version of H5 installed in the environment.