Widget overview

A widget is a small, single-purpose application that provides quick, at-a-glance information or quick access to simple interactive functions. Widgets are simpler and faster to access than full applications that may provide more functionality. You can access the widgets through the workspaces in Infor OS Portal.

This table shows the available widgets that are part of M3 CE Core and available within all CloudSuites:
Widget Description
M3 Application Messages Displays your latest messages received in M3.
M3 Information Creator Creates new data
M3 Environment Displays information about the current M3 environment and user.
M3 Information Editor Edits existing data.
M3 Information Monitor Collects multiple M3 Information Viewers into a single window.
M3 Information Viewer Displays an overview of relevant information in M3.
M3 Menu Locates and launches M3 programs, forms, tools, jobs, and reports.
Note: This is the only widget enabled for use with the mobile application and portal Infor Go.
M3 Product Updates Gives an overview of the latest updates per product. It also displays the current status of the review process of features. When the user clicks a link, an M3 program is launched, displaying a list of the features.