Viewing MI Transaction Inbound or Outbound Fields

  1. Complete the task Viewing MI Transaction.
  2. On the Selected MI Program tab, select a Transaction name and click the link to view the fields.
    View Inbound Fields or View Outbound Fields

    A new search result opens with the selected transaction name and <In/Out>bound fields (Total match).

    The name of this field.
    A brief description of this field.
    The program used by this MI Transaction.
    The program used by this MI Transaction.
    The inbound field length in number of characters.
    Indicates whether the MI Transaction on this row is mandatory or not.
    Indicates the field type.
  3. Optionally, click the Export icon to save this table search result on an .xls file.
  4. Use these options to manage your results.
    • To sort the results alphabetically or numerically, click the Sort icon on the column headings.
    • To filter the results, click the Filter icon in the last column and type a dynamic free text filter for each column.