Creating a record

Use this procedure for programs that are used to create new records, for example, 'Item Type. Open' (CRS040) is used to create item types.
  1. Open a program.
  2. If the program opens in the B panel, specify values in the positioning fields. For example, in (CRS040), the positioning field is in the Itp column. Specify a value in this field.
    If the program opens in the A panel, specify the values for the required fields.
  3. Select Options > Create.
  4. Complete the record with basic details.
  5. Click Next.
    When creating a new record, a program follows a predefined workflow. Specify the values in the required fields until the last Detail panel. If you go to the next panel but you missed a required field in the current panel, you are prompted to specify the information.
  6. Optionally, to cancel the changes, select Actions > Cancel.
    If you click Refresh, the information is not saved.
  7. Verify that the new record is in the list.