Personalizing M3 panels

The administrator can disable this feature for all or selected users.

  1. Open an M3 program to personalize.
  2. Select Tools > Personalize.
  3. From the personalize menu, select from these personalizations:
    • Hyperlinks
    • Conditional Styles
    • Shortcuts
    • Labels
    • Tab Order
    • Show/Hide fields
    • Scripts
    • Custom Fields
  4. When you right-click a field and select Personalize, you can access these other tools:
    • Enable Favorites
    • Enable Mandatory

      The tool is disabled if the field does not support that type of personalization.

  5. Click Save.
  6. After you save the personalization, open the M3 panel in H5 Enterprise and verify the changes. If you cannot access a personalization tool, it means that the tool was disabled by the administrator.

See the application settings in M3 CE Core Administration Guide.