Use these tabs to access MDP Client tasks.

Tab Description

Click to select MDP search types:

  • Search by System Configuration

See Client tasks.

M3 API Repository

Click to access M3 API Repository

See M3 API Repository.

M3 Function Development Client

Click to access the M3 Function Development Client tool

See M3 Function Development Client tool.

  • Settings
  • Language Code: Set the Language code to use.

    For example, GB for English, SE for Swedish, or NO for Norway.

    Note: The available languages are generated from the applied languages on the MNE folder of the M3 Business Engine installation.
  • Page size: Set the page size to display.

    The minimum setting is 100 rows per page.

  • Content proposal: Toggle the use of Content Proposal in applicable fields. When enabled, open fields will display suggested match as you type. This is not applicable to search strings using wild character asterisk (*).

  • Search history: Option to clear MDP Client search history.
  • About: Opens the copyright and product information window.