Adding shortcuts

You can add shortcuts to the Toolbox area. The Toolbox slides out from the right side of the M3 panel.
  1. Open a program panel from which to create a shortcut.
  2. Click the Collapse Toolbox to expand the toolbox area, and click Shortcuts... (+).
    You can also right-click anywhere in the Toolbox area, and then select Add from the context menu.
  3. In the Shortcuts Organizer window, select the type of shortcut to add from the Available options:
    Related options
    Select from the list.
    Function keys
    Select from the actions/keys.
    Specify a name for the link and the Target or URL. Select New Window for the shortcut to open a new window.
    This option is available only when links to Document Management or to a web page have been previously created through the Link Manager. Select from the list of available links.
    Sorting order
    Select a query.
  4. Click Add to send the selected option to My Shortcuts box. Other available options are:
    Move Up/Move Down
    Use to change position of items in the list.
    Use to organize your shortcuts into groups. You can assign a heading for each group to distinguish one from the other.
    Use to add space in between items in the Toolbox.
    Remove/Remove All
    Use to remove an item from the Toolbox.

    To remove all shortcuts, use Remove All.

    You can also right-click an item from the Toolbox, and then select Remove from the context menu. After you click Remove, you are prompted to remove the shortcut. Click Yes.

    Use this option to change the name of a shortcut or a heading.

    From the My Shortcuts list, you can rename a shortcut or heading by doing any of these actions:

    • Double-click the shortcut or heading.
    • Select the shortcut or heading and press Enter.
  5. Expand the Advanced section to create shortcuts for your scripts.
  6. Specify this information:
    Specify a name for the script shortcut.
    Specify the shortcut key for the script.
    Script name
    Select script name.
    Script arguments
    Specify arguments to include in the script.

    Click Add to create the script shortcut.

  7. Click Save.
  8. Verify that your shortcuts are added to the Toolbox.