System Configuration fields

Use these options to perform search on M3 BE by System Configuration.

Fields Description

This open text Keyword field is auto complete. Here you type the name or description associated with the program you are searching for using alphanumeric characters, space, hyphen, colon, or underscore.

You can also use a wildcard (*) at the beginning, middle, or end of the keyword. Search will look for a match based on your keyword and the position of the wildcard.

Select MDP BE System

This open text M3 BE field is auto complete. Use this to select the M3 BE System where to execute the search. A default M3 BE selection is displayed.

Note: MDP saves your selected MDP BE System on the last sign in.

To view MDP BE information - click the MDP BE information (i) icon to display more details about your selected M3 BE System.

M3 BE entities

Use this to select an entity or a combination of entities for your M3 BE by System Configuration. By default, the Program and Table entities are selected.

In the right pane, the Search Result tab displays the result. By default the table lists 500 data match. On the bar at the top, the information on Entity:Number of matches is shown.


After you define the required task information, click this to perform the search.