Using the split screen functionality

Split screen supports merging with non-standard M3 programs and other external sites. This functionality is useful if you have SDK applications that are connected to Infor Business Context messages.
  1. Open a program.
  2. Open another non-standard M3 program or any external website.
  3. Click the program tab and drag over to the center section of another tab. Ensure that the tab where you form a pair is highlighted with a translucent shade. The dragged tab is positioned in the right of the tab pair by default.
    Note: Right-click the tab header of any paired program or website and select Unpair Tabs to remove the pairing.
  4. Optionally, use these options to rearrange the paired programs or website:
    • By default, a paired tab is formed in vertical split. To pair tabs horizontally, right-click a tab header and select Split horizontally.
    • Exchange the position of the pairing either in vertical or horizontal arrangement. Right-click a tab header and select Exchange positions.