Exporting to Google Sheets

Use this procedure to export program data to Google Sheets.

The administrator can disable this feature for all users or for selected users.

See administration tasks for H5 in M3 CE Core Administration Guide.

  1. Open a program. The program must be in the B panel.
  2. Select the records to export.
  3. Click Tools > Export to Google Sheets.
  4. Select row option:
    • Export currently selected rows
    • Export all rows

      You can export a maximum number of 9999 rows.

  5. Select the format of the data to export:
    • Source Format: file uses the current data type. The column format in the resulting file is dependent on the data type defined list in the M3 program.
    • Target Format: file uses Auto as the default data format in Google sheets
    • Text Only: file uses the text data format
  6. Click AUTHORIZE GOOGLE. You are required to do this only once if you are signed in to Google.
  7. Optionally, click SIGN OUT to sign in to a different Google account.
  8. Click EXPORT.
    The records that were exported to Google Sheets are displayed in a new browser. If Google Sheets does not open in a new browser tab, check your browser's pop-up blocker settings.