Changing the language of M3 H5

  • To change the language of M3, update the user's language on the E panel of (MNS150) and then sign out of M3 H5. Sign in to M3 H5 again and check if the new language is displayed.
    Note: You can also use the Change option to directly change the language.

    See creating a user to know the details on accessing the system language in the M3 Application Foundation User Guide.

  • To switch the M3 language temporarily, use the LNG command. For example, to change the language to Swedish, press Ctrl + R and specify LNGSE.
  • To display content in H5 based from the language used by Infor OS Portal, you must enable Use Infor OS Portal Language in the User settings.

    See information about changing the site default language of Infor OS Portal in Infor OS Portal User Guide.

Note: UDI content is displayed only in English.