Panels guide the user on how to move through an M3 program. Each program has a predefined workflow, that is, by default, a program displays specific panels in a certain order. Although, the workflow of a current session may be modified by adding, deleting, or reordering the panels.

A panel is designated either by a letter or a number. A letter represents the type of information that is displayed in the panel. By contrast, a number indicates that a panel is associated with another program, but this panel can also be accessed from the program you are currently working with.

This table shows the panel types:

Panel letter assignment Type Description
A Entry Used for specifying information, especially when object ID is known

Serves as an opening panel for some programs

B Browse Shows records in the list view

Serves as an opening panel for some programs

User can expand or collapse the filter options to maximize the available space for viewing the records list

C Copy Panel is displayed when user is asked where to copy the record that is being duplicated
D Delete Panel is displayed when user is being asked to confirm the deletion of a record
E–N Detail Shows detailed information of records

Use E panel as an opening panel for report orders

Use F panel as an opening panel for document printouts

O Output Used for selecting the method for delivering the output of a record

The available methods are mail, printer, fax,or file.


Parameter To access, go to Actions > Settings

Available when there are parameters to be set for a program

T Text Where user can specify data that is related to a record
U User Reserved for Infor Partners and customer-specific modifications
V User Used for specifying the corresponding item type of an item number

This panel applies only to M3 Business Engine 15.1.x